Our Firm

Quantitative Wealth Management is a wealth management firm that caters to the affluent and ultra-affluent markets. We uses proprietary investment models based on defined and desciplined technical strategies along with alternative and non-correlated products for diversification and balance. John T. Keeney, LUTCF is the founder and President of QWM and brings to the firm 31 years of investment management experience and insurance knowledge directly from the trenches. His personal and professional observations of the non-defined, emotional strategies that most people use to invest their own money usually leads to anxiety, frustration and loss of capital. Worse yet, many people give their money to someone else that also have no definable strategy and tend to ride out market cycles without action through cookie cutter, one size fits all money management programs. This can lead to the same anxiety,  frustration and loss of capital. If you would like a custom designed portfolio with defined discipline where you can actually talk to the person responsible for your money please give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation. 

We base our recommendations on the Six Financial Management Principles

  1. Cash Management
  2. Risk Management
  3. Investment Planning
  4. Tax Planning
  5. Retirement Planning
  6. Estate Conservation